• Rita: Fitness Professional who loves RX Undies


    We continue to hear from fitness professionals who love RX Undies. We caught up with Rita, who is a kettlebell instructor and a crossfit trainer, and spoke with her about her athletic endeavors and her experience with RX Undies.

    How are you involved in the fitness industry?
    In highschool I practiced tae kwon do and did this for 10 years; thereafter I got into weight training and kettlebells and decided I had a passion for the fitness industry and wanted to teach others what I have learned. I hold certifications in personal training from NASM
    (National Academy of Sports Medicine), I am a certified Russian Kettlebell instructor, and I just obtained my level 1 Crossfit Trainer.

    What initially attracted you to get more involved with the fitness industry?
    I started training with kettlebells initially gain strength; they are one of the best tools in the industry that focused on functional training (training the body as one). I like all the aspects involved with kettlebell training – strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination – it’s a complete workout!

    How often do you teach kettlebell class?
    Three times a week.

    What other fitness related endeavors are you currently pursuing?
    I am working on obtaining my level 2 kettlebell certification and will be in the upcoming “Fire Breather” and “Perfect Storm” Crossfit competitions this fall.

    What do you typically wear when you are teaching Kettlebell or working out?
    I wear a sports bra, comfortable undies (RX Undies preferred!), lululemon active wear, and cross training shoes.

    Tell us about your RX Undies experience.
    They were extremely comfortable and the fit is very well designed.

    What has your experience been wearing RX Undies with yoga/workout pants?
    I enjoyed wearing them very much, as they worked great for the functional movements I performed by not getting in the way.

    With what non-gym outfit do you wear your RX Undies?
    I enjoy wearing them with jeans

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